Check out this list of common questions we get at cheers. If you have a query not on the list or are ready to talk about working together, our contact info is below.

What do you mean when you say cheers is a design and technology studio?

This means every design has a foundation of digital mindfulness, and every product has been thoughtfully crafted for visual impact. These deep skillsets have provided the unique ability to approach a brand’s goals from a holistic mindset and execute an elegant solution regardless of the medium. With a studio structure that combines designers and developers we are able to complete a project from the ground up by creating a visual identity and logo that translates to print and collateral materials, online experiences, and other digital applications all within one shop.

Who is the typical cheers studios client?

All of our clients are passionate about their businesses and understand the value of having a custom and integrated brand experience. They appreciate working through a process with us to create something they are truly proud to share with their customers. We strategize with our clients to solve business and lifestyle challenges through design and technology.

How does the project process work at cheers?

We’re glad you asked! We specifically set up a process at cheers that helps us work with passionate people to achieve goals. Check out the process here.

How much does working with cheers cost?

This question really depends on the project, since there are a wide range of features, requirements, and timelines that a client may have for their project! The client’s brand is not a commodity, and we are only able to give you an accurate quote by having an open conversation about their business goals so we can draft a proposal that fits the exact situation. We are experts who stand by our work, therefore we price per project versus per hour. This guarantees that the client knows from the start exactly how much they will be paying and can rest assured they will receive a completed project regardless of the hours it takes to complete.

I plan on updating my website myself. Can you still create something that will work for me?

Of course! At cheers we are able to create static html websites or build using a variety of CMS platforms. Whether it’s Squarespace, Wordpress, Shopify or another option, we will suggest the best platform for your needs and create a custom digital experience you will be able to upkeep yourself.

I already have a really great idea for a logo/website/digital project. Can you just make what I’m thinking?

The short answer is probably not. But here’s why: we know our clients are experts at their business, so we ask for the same courtesy as design and technology professionals. Every project is rooted in a Discovery Phase where we discuss your project with you, it’s individual goals, and any inspiration you have for it. Throughout the course of the work we refer back to the insights we’ve gathered from this phase to inform our design and tech decisions and meet with you for checkpoints and feedback. At cheers we love to work with our clients to create the best results possible.

How long does a project usually take to complete?

Timelines are based on the the scope of the project and what our studio schedule already looks like. Most projects can be completed in a few weeks or months so if you have a deadline you need to achieve please share it with us as soon as possible. If we can’t meet this date we will tell you right away.

What is your policy on payment?

Once we've completed our Discovery Phase together and you've approved our proposal for work, we request an initial deposit along with a signed Statement of Work before we begin any design or development. For larger projects, different payment schedules can be discussed. Our Statements of Work outline the project scope, timeline, and budget. A final payment is requested upon completion of the project when cheers delivers final design, technology, and invoice.

Do you whitelabel?

We do not have white label partnerships with other agencies. We are very proud of the work we perform and the different agencies we work with, so we want to be able to share our contribution and give credit to our partners. To get a feel of how we share our projects, please visit our work page.



We are now accepting new projects. If you are interested in working together or want to chat with us, please send us a message with a description of your upcoming project.

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