How To Optimize Your Squarespace Website's Load Time By Removing Unused Fonts

As any user of the internet knows, it stinks when a website takes a long time to load. If you're using Squarespace then you could be bogging down your load time without even knowing it by loading fonts you aren't even using. Check out our free and quick tool to help optimize your Squarespace website's load time by removing those unused fonts.

Website Launch / Budget Divider

Connecting on social media is strategic. Read about our insights on our project with LASANAN called Budget Divider, an interactive calculator for content marketers allotting their monthly social media spending.

Membership Campaign / Ohio Association of Realtors

The Ohio Association of Realtors (OAR) reached out to cheers with an interesting challenge: to create a suite of membership materials inviting individuals to participate in an exclusive subset of OAR membership, make them leave an impression, and do it in a tight timeline. Talk about ready, set, go! Read about our insights on the project here.

What is Digital Branding?

It goes without saying that successful entrepreneurs understand the value of building a passionate and quality business coupled with a memorably branded digital experience that backs it up. That's where a digital branding studio comes in. Digital branding has the power to make your brand have a seamless digital experience that people can relate to and have a relationship with, while earning you a profit.

4 Tips to Setting up a Solid SEO Foundation

Taking these four simple steps now will start your business on the path to gaining search real estate sooner than later. That means when you are ready to make some great brand and marketing efforts, you have already positioned your business to be searchable and rising.

Ladies, Wine & Design / Creative Women Unite

Here is the recap of my first Ladies, Wine & Design, a salon style series for creative women to have casual conversations on a wide variety of topics relating to creativity, business, and life. Even though our experiences ran the gamut, three big questions surfaced for all of us: How do we empower other women? How do we stay inspired? And how do we overcome the difficulties of being a lady in the work environment?

Website Launch / GAD Insurance

GAD has been serving the insurance needs of Central Ohio since 1928. When they needed help rolling out a new website to match their updated brand image we devised a strategy to simplify their previous website content and focus on their core objectives: building customer trust, encouraging personal contact with associates, and providing professional validation. Here are our cheers insights into key project decisions.

Ecommerce Website Launch / Gramercy Books

Gramercy, comes from the French words “grand merci,” which translates to “big thanks” or “many thanks.” The second we heard that this was the inspiration behind Gramercy Books Bexley, Central Ohio’s first new independent bookstore in 12 years, we knew working together would be a perfect match. cheers studios was named after the true cheers experience of "sharing close confidence with trustworthy friends." The work we create at cheers is a type of thanks to our clients. And we are thankful to work with passionate businesses like Gramercy. Here are our cheers insights into key project decisions.