cheers studios in Computer Arts

By Danielle Williams /
Chief Design Officer

We have some exciting news!

cheers studios was included in the September 2016 Issue of Computer Arts Magazine to give our perspective on the recent Mastercard rebrand.

Computer Arts' new feature slot, Rebrand Focus, was about Mastercard last month. The article had the perspectives of 3 designers: Michael Bierut, Partner at Pentagram, myself, and Tousue Vang, Freelance Design Director. A big shout out goes to Nick Carson, editor of Computer Arts, for reaching out to us to be included in their feature. 



We've included our perspective below, but you can read the full article on the Computer Arts blog: Creative Bloq.


“It all comes back to circles," says co-founder and chief design officer at Cheers Studio, Danielle Williams. "The logo and visual language work together to create a streamlined and cyclical brand image. Pentagram’s thoughtful decision to combine stroked and solid circles keeps the brand language cohesive, but with options for play. Elevating the colour palette to use pops of saturated colour on black and dark greys also helps to modernise Mastercard’s identity, especially for millennial audiences who are drawn to brands that blend clarity and personality.”