Membership Campaign / Ohio Association of Realtors


The Ohio Association of Realtors (OAR) reached out to cheers with an interesting challenge: to create a suite of membership materials inviting individuals to participate in an exclusive subset of OAR membership, make them leave an impression, and do it in a tight timeline. Talk about ready, set, go!

The OAR is steadfast in their commitment to the American Dream (homeownership), and recognizes the importance for all people to have ownership within the communities in which they live. Their local boards re-invest in their communities through grants and volunteerism. Holistically, the Ohio Association of Realtors are engaged on the local, state and federal levels. At the end of the day, they wanted to capture the attention of potential members because,

"their investments allow us to advocate for our industry and invest in leaders who will champion our issues for generations to come."

With these goals and messages in mind, we started forming creative and headlines that would speak to potential members and show the OAR in a personable and authentic way.

By utilizing photography that doesn't feel staged, zooms into a real life moment, and has interesting natural lighting, we were able to tie the three memberships (Young Professionals, Major Investors, and President's Circle) together and break through the noise of normal membership campaigns in this space.

The language we used acted as a direct call to potential members. With action words like create, shape, and protect, we were able to connect the large goals of each type of membership with a personal feeling of ownership.

The final piece of the puzzle was a request from OAR representatives to incorporate bold colors into the pieces. By combining fields of color that are inspired by the each photo, and a playful curved container layout, we were able to create movement and cohesiveness among the series of membership options. The OAR thought we hit the mark and appreciated the balance of professionalism and energy that each poster exhibited.

In addition to the posters, we were also asked to create a postcard calling out this year's President's Circle Conference located in beautiful Atlantis and a membership pledge card.


This project shows that even if the topic is more formal, there should be harmony between function and beauty when creating membership materials.

At the end of the day you are talking to people with emotions and trying to show them how being a part of your organization benefits everyone. Simply listing membership rates does not do that. But telling a story and letting individuals imagine their combined impact, that creates action.