Product Website Launch / EAS Myoplex Keto



When EAS launched their new line of Myoplex Ketogenic Meal Replacement products they needed a customer campaign website that would increase user opt-in for Keto product lifestyle guides. By providing education, focused exercises, and nutrition plans, these guides help customers feel confident attempting this difficult journey with the expertise of proven athletes.



To encourage user interaction, cheers created the Choose Your Strength campaign which features a Myoplex Ketogenics landing page with a personalized header that changes when you click on your strength: Physique or Endurance. After users chose their fitness goal and entered their email address, a complimentary nutrition and fitness guide is sent straight to their inbox, and they are prompted with the ability to share their choice on social media with customized social cards.



By designing and developing an easy signup process and a clear benefit to subscribers through the specialized fitness and nutritional guides, we were able to gain nearly 2000 subscribers in the first month alone.

When we were approached to create a landing page for the newest EAS product in the Myoplex family, we knew they had a short deadline and a large task.

Their product, Myoplex Ketogenic Meal Replacement, was inspired by the workout regimen of multiple renowned athletes and the issues they faced of properly reaching and maintaining a state of ketosis for their performance needs due to a busy lifestyle. For people who are not familiar with ketosis, it is essentially a state your body reaches when it starts fueling itself primarily on fat rather than the more common source, carbohydrates. The results are great and can be fat loss, balanced appetite, consistent workout performance that can be catered to endurance, and increased mental clarity without sugar spikes as your body relearns how to operate on its new energy source. To learn more, visit here.

However, the issue with ketogenic products is that most people attempt a keto lifestyle without the proper knowledge on what is required. Reaching a state of ketosis can take several weeks of intense diet changes that many are not trained or accustomed to performing. When hungry cravings take hold, even a couple days of carb heavy eating can knock you out of ketosis and cause people to give up on the process altogether.

That is where Myoplex Keto came in to provide healthy, filling meal replacements to keep people on the right track.

With this in mind, we knew a huge goal with this product website had to be education. The team at EAS had developed structured fitness and nutrition plans to help consumers reach their desired lifestyles. By identifying the importance of specific plans to burn fat (boosting physique) or increase stamina (boosting endurance), they could provide targeted advice to consumers that was relevant and understood specific challenges. Through this product site, EAS hoped to link seasoned keto athletes and registered dietitians with consumers so they had the resources they needed to power their journey.

cheers knew that if people had this information delivered to their inbox, they would be impressed with the details and more likely to stick to a keto lifestyle. Therefore, we created an incredibly simple and fun way to encourage user sign up. We developed the positioning to have users Choose Their Strength by using a bold, interactive header that allowed users to hover over their preferred results and determine quickly where they fit. By only requiring an email, this low barrier to entry paired with a specialized fitness and nutrition guide as a reward made for a very appealing signup process. Try it here for yourself!

This resulted in over 2000 email subscribers in the first month alone! By segmenting the guides to ensure the information was useful and relevant to those who signed up, we also saw only 1/3 of the total unsubscriptions when compared to a previous EAS product launch, which helped validate the approach.

Users could also easily share social media cards geared toward their physique or endurance choice to encourage friends to learn more about ketogenics and sign up for their own guides.


After users had signed up, they could instantly explore the site, read articles based on interviews with athletes, and get more helpful keto tips. We created the article list so that when you hover over the title of the post, you get a visual peek inside the next page. This was an interactive way to encourage readers into diving deeper by playing with the content.


From a development perspective, creating a streamlined and interactive header that was keyboard and mobile accessible was a great challenge that ended up looking fantastic on all devices. The ability to write HTML directly borrowing EAS style conventions instead of using a content management system allowed for a chance to use our own best practices in web development instead of relying on limitations of the platform. This allowed us to be very flexible and deliver a quality product on a very short timeline.

From enterprise clients with static html needs to local independent businesses looking for a content management system, our goal is always to create a seamless brand experience.