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What is Digital Branding?

It goes without saying that successful entrepreneurs understand the value of building a passionate and quality business coupled with a memorably branded digital experience that backs it up. That's where a digital branding studio comes in. Digital branding has the power to make your brand have a seamless digital experience that people can relate to and have a relationship with, while earning you a profit.

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Website Launch / Andy Stiebler LLC

Andy Stiebler is a consultant, content strategist, digital project manager and modern day pioneer based in Columbus, Ohio. With all the great projects he was completing, Andy came to cheers studios to create a brand and portfolio website that would help attract both new clients and partners alike. Here is our cheers insight to key project decisions.

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What Does Immersive Design Mean?

A brand shouldn't define itself by a single attribute, it should be dimensional in personality and communication. Cohesive, but dimensional. Of course it will have a core purpose, that's the nugget of expertise that brands evolve from. But every brand should be designed to flex across many different platforms: print, digital, audio, environmental, motion, smell.

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