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Website Launch / Bottoms Up Coffee Co-Op

Bottoms Up Coffee Co-Op needed an easy way to share their coffee shop menu, non-profit work, co-op subscriptions, and general community outreach with others in the community. On top of that, their previous website was not mobile friendly and could not be maintained without a developer's involvement. Here are our cheers insights into key project decisions.

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Website Launch / Andy Stiebler LLC

Andy Stiebler is a consultant, content strategist, digital project manager and modern day pioneer based in Columbus, Ohio. With all the great projects he was completing, Andy came to cheers studios to create a brand and portfolio website that would help attract both new clients and partners alike. Here is our cheers insight to key project decisions.

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Website and Identity Launch / Julieta Manrique

Julieta Manrique is a fine artist and educator who has taught and traveled the world. So when she asked cheers to help collect all her experiences and pieces in a single, cohesive digital place that could be shared with art galleries and teaching opportunities, we were all in. Here are the cheers insights to her website and identity launch.

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