Website and Identity Launch / Julieta Manrique



Originally living and creating in Bogotá, Colombia, Manrique now resides in Columbus, Ohio. She has taught in museums, artist studios, and community settings in Colombia, Italy, and the USA. Manrique needed a website that showed her depth of work with meaning, chronicled her experience has an instructor across the world, and let potential art representation easily contact her.



To meet those needs cheers created a multidimensional portfolio that let viewers flow through her work with ease, learn more about Manrique's experience, and even purchase some of her limited edition pieces on the same website in a clean and professional way.

Julieta Manrique is an incredible soul. As an artist specializing in sculpture, ceramics and mixed media, Julieta was originally living and creating in Colombia. She now resides in Columbus, Ohio and has taught in museums, studios and community settings in South America, Europe and the USA. In short, Julieta's artistic experiences are numerous.

So when she asked cheers to help collect all these experiences and art pieces in a single digital place that could be shared with art galleries and teaching opportunities, we were all in.

We started our Discovery Phase by understanding why Julieta makes art and the general subject matter she focusses on. As Julieta started talking about her work, pointing out specific paintings and ceramic pieces, we recognized an overarching theme: the layering of human forms with detailed medical information.

The next step was figuring out why.

Throughout her years living in Colombia, Italy, and the USA, Julieta has had to adapt to different languages, social environments, and unknown illnesses. Over the past seven years Julieta has been battling Fibromyalgia among over nervous system illnesses. Because of how Fibromyalgia causes joints to feel overwhelming pain, simple movements like creating handheld pottery can be excruciating for Julieta. Learning this, we were able to see how Julieta's artistic journey is truly about exploring the fragileness of our bodies. Thus, the visual language we created revolved around the idea of building a website that explored this questions in a calm and academic way. We choose dark, rich colors to let her work pop against the field and added a mysterious storytelling element that comes out with each new page.

There are two visual constants that we drew from Julieta's work: one is the barcode, and the other are the mathematic coding measurements.

The first refers to all the personal medical records Julieta has compiled through the years from recieving healthcare in different countries. Each country assigned a numeric code to her medical information, and the U.S. also included a barcode. Using this overwhelming amount of numbers and barcodes in her work comments on the health system’s inability to unite every lab test or X-ray to diagnose her medical conditions beyond Fibromyalgia. We used these visual cues in the website footer as well as on the physical branded materials we created for Julieta.


In addition to an online representation of Julieta's work, we also created physical pieces for her gallery visits and general communications.

We knew that we wanted to use Julieta's art an element on her business cards so people could get a taste of her work before ever reaching her website. But after looking through her range of paintings and ceramics it became apparent to us that we couldn't just pick a single piece to represent her. Luckily we had a cost effective solution: Moo's Printfinity. is a printing resource we recommend to all our clients because of their combination of quality, price, and printing process We even use them ourselves! "Printfinity" is the word Moo invented for a technology that’s completely unique to them that let's you print a different designs on every business card in your order. This means we were able to create five unique business cards using images of Julieta's work, without breaking the bank or ordering multiple orders. Talk about a life saver.

In addition to business cards we also designed a Certificate of Authenticity template to be filled out and included when people purchase her work as well as a robust print portfolio for gallery visits.


Julieta is an amazing artist, you can check out her list of upcoming gallery shows here or contact her for representation here. And of course follow her behind the scenes via her Instagram here.