Website Launch / Andy Stiebler LLC



With all the hats that Andy wears, our role was bringing clarity to what he does: which is leading brands through the process of defining, designing, and publishing their content digitally. With the possibility of different users visiting his website to partner or hire his services, it was important to create a catered experience for both groups.



To do this we created a brand and website that spoke to Andy's ability to bring focus to his clients. The site includes a hand-coded interactive header that is responsive to mouse movement, a custom process diagram built for desktop, tablet and mobile optimization, as well as two separate natural language forms to assist in the vetting process for either potential clients or partners.

Andy Stiebler is a Columbus, Ohio consultant, content strategist, digital project manager, and pioneer. Fun fact: he's also worked with Circus Elephants in the Ringling Brothers. Yep, this guy is literally your modern day Renaissance Man.

With all that he does, our role was creating a digital experience that brings clarity to what he does. To achieve this goal we developed some key features to his website, which include an interactive header, process diagram, natural language forms, and a timeless essay section. Each of these elements worked toward explaining and validating what Andy does in an engaging way. As Andy says, "I provide teams with strategy and data to create outstanding digital experiences." So it only seemed fitting that his own website was an outstanding experience.

As you can see in the video above, when users enter the website they are greeted with a section of custom Javascript that when you hover over it, the lines point toward your cursor like a compass. Why did we do this? Well, not only is it fun to play with (go ahead and try it yourself) if also visually supports the brand positioning we crafted for Andy, which is that he is a leader at focussing the meaningful production and positioning of content to maximize results. Just like this Javascript, Andy points businesses to a single goal/action.

Further down the homepage we tackled the next big hurdle with any client: explaining what they do.

As is true with cheers, Andy has a flexible process framework that allows him to help consult on individual phases of a project or guide it entirely from content strategy, development, and deployment. One of Andy's big pain points was being able to explain this easily to new clients who haven't worked with him before. By creating a process diagram front and center on Andy's site, we made it easy for people to flow through Andy's process in a digestible and visual way. I also adjusted the orientation to be more suitable to mobile viewing.

With any independent consultant, one of the most time consuming parts is vetting potential clients and partners. To help with this important need we created natural language forms that got to the root of the discussion in a more conversational way.

During college, Andy created his own major at Miami University (Ohio) that involved writing a thesis around connecting the power of psychology, community and data in American political theory. So when we were discussing what his website needed, he definitely expressed how writing has always been an important part of his work process. Therefore, we created a timeless essay section for Andy to contribute his thought leadership about branding in the digital age.

This project was a great opportunity to think about process. So often these days we do things over and over without really taking the time to think about the why. Working with a client who's whole role is about guiding businesses through a thoughtful process, and being strategic with their content, was a great reminder that in order to get the best results you must start by building upon a solid foundation. Feel free to check out our process here.