Website Launch / Bottoms Up Coffee Co-Op

Blake Williams /
Chief Digital Officer


Bottoms Up needed an easy way to share their coffee shop menu, non-profit work, co-op subscriptions, and general community outreach with others in the community. On top of that, their previous website was not mobile friendly and could not be maintained without a developer's involvement.



Our objective was to keep the site simple and allow users to flow from one section to another using minimal navigation. We also highlighted the benefits of the coworking space that drives the sustainability initiatives so viewers could learn more and register for subscriptions. Finally, by using a customized feel on an easy to edit platform, we gave them back the power to add posts and events to their website going forward.

When two Venezuelan-American sisters decided that coffee could be used to fight a social injustice, Bottoms Up Coffee Co-op was born in Franklinton, a neighborhood on the west side of Columbus, Ohio.

Bottoms Up Coffee Co-op is a public coffee shop with a member-based coworking space attached. The interesting part is that they are more than a place to work, mingle, and enjoy a drink. Bottoms Up has made it their mission to use coffee and coworking to reduce infant mortality in Columbus, Ohio.

In order to compete and gain patrons in the saturated local Columbus coffee scene, they needed an online presence that communicated their multifaceted mission and cafe options in a clear and inviting way.

Obviously, social awareness played a large part of the Bottoms Up website and story. But it was equally important to convey the functional information about the coffee shop as well, like hours, location and their delicious assortment of drinks and treats. In order to balance these two parts of the Bottoms Up website we created a site architecture that would function well whether you wanted to learn more about their social mission or quickly check their hours on the go. One of the ways that helped us achieve this goal was through dividing the homepage into specific calls to action.

By structuring the page strategically, we were able to lead users through the high-level functions of Bottoms Up all on one quick page. At the top of the page we used beautiful b-roll video captured by Serif Creative during an in-depth video shoot at Bottoms Up. Displaying this fluid movement showed a warm coffee house atmosphere and the energy that the space and people at Bottoms Up have.

Next we showed a quick callout to their mission to reduce infant mortality accompanied by a button to dive deeper. It was important to have most of this information live on a separate, yet accessible, page so that it had the room to really speak to their social goals and accomplishments.

On this secondary page we included the multiple ways that Bottoms Up is actively participating in reducing infant mortality, the heartfelt story of why they care about this cause (shown in text as well as a video), the various local Columbus organizations they have donated to, and finally a call to purchase a Bottoms Up membership. Partial proceeds from membership go to help fund reducing infant mortality. Not only does this show what Bottoms Up is actually doing to make a difference, it also validates and inspires their customers to be involved in their fight.

After scrolling past the mission callout on the homepage, viewers will see the drink menu front and center along with a section about the Bottoms Up membership options. Bottoms Up donates 10% of coffee sales and a portion of their membership revenue to local nonprofits, helping remove socio-economic barriers pregnant moms-in-need face. Because of this it was vital to put these membership options on the homepage in order to raise awareness that patrons can be involved in helping fight infant mortality while getting a little something special for themselves. Seriously, check out their Monthly Coffee Subscription

Finally we wrapped up the homepage by ending with more beautiful cafe photography from Serif and a footer with a pop-out contact form and social media.

As is true with any restaurant or cafe, you have an emotional response when you enter the space or taste the food. That's why you have different favorite restaurants for different occasions! At cheers we feel that it is important to try and express that experience digitally as well.

To give viewers the feeling that they were taking a glimpse into Bottoms Up before ever visiting, we utilized beautiful full-screen photo backgrounds and block galleries to feature the calming space in a clean and approachable way.

By having bright, atmospheric photography of both the cafe space as well as the notable Canary Island drinks, people are excited to come visit and know exactly what to expect: a laid back and welcoming coffee shop.

Like we mentioned at the beginning of this post, Columbus is lucky to have so many amazing coffee shops. But that also means that these businesses need to work harder to stand out and have their own recognizable, seamless brand both physically and digitally. I think we were able to give Bottoms Up just that.