Website Launch / Budget Divider


Most people would probably say they understand social media. They post, snap, double tap, thumbs up, retweet, follow, pin, and comment like it's second nature.

It would almost lead you to believe that actually running a brand's social media would be as instinctive or easy. That is until you go to Facebook's Ads Manager for the first time and pull back the curtain.

That feeling when you actually see how social feeds/strategies are created.

That feeling when you actually see how social feeds/strategies are created.


Now don't get us wrong, social media isn't brain surgery, but it is strategic. It combines a thoughtful equation of emotion, demographics, budget, and interest in order to be successful. One of our digital marketing partners, LASANAN, is by far one of the best agencies out there for reaching business goals through SEO with their ability to analyze and plan effective digital ad spend strategies. When they approached us to work together on a way to help simplify and explain this social media process we were excited to lend a hand.

Together we created Budget Divider, an interactive calculator for content marketers allotting their monthly social media spending. 

When you're setting up an ad campaign on Facebook or Instagram it can be hard to determine how much money to put toward each promo and for what audiences. LASANAN helps educate new clients with these questions all the time, so they wanted to create a website that acts as a free marketing tool to streamline this process. The system is pretty simple. Just follow the steps and fill in your data.

To get the best results with Budget Divider it helps to know the following details:

  • Total approved budget per month (that cash flow)

  • Customer groups you would like to target (already engaged, similar but new, or completely unaware)

  • Value propositions your customers will respond to (what is your emotional connection)

  • Types of media you plan on distributing (High or low priority promos)

And don't worry, the website explains all the different options and terms as you use it so you won't get lost.

We created the site to act as a single screen with no scrolling, like a wizard (no pun associated with our earlier gif). So by breaking up the information into digestible pieces we were able to help explain a lot of content that might be overwhelming for people getting into the swing of their social media plan.

Our goal with Budget Divider was to make a site that was easy to navigate and felt like a human was there walking you through the process.

On the last page of the tool you see the recommendations for your social media budget based on the data you filled out. This is a great way for anyone who is trying to figure out the best way to align their social media strategy with their budget. It's also a really easy way to pass your results onto LASANAN and work directly with their expert team if you need a little more help.

A word to the wise though: at the end of the day successful digital marketing is all about connecting with people. Having a budget and plan for your social media is great, and we would say pretty necessary if you want to take your brand to the next level.

Just make sure to always start with the basics and create consistent content / images / media that people will relate to and interact with.

Then once you've done that, use Budget Divider to make sure everyone sees it!