Website Launch / #RewriteTheRules


Paid leave is good for families and good for business. It lets families feel safe knowing they can take care of their children without being fired or additional financial struggles, and it attracts top talent to business that actually care about their employees. Here's the crazy thing though:

Only 13% of Americans — and only 4% of hourly workers — have access to paid leave.

So let's focus on some action. Welcome to the internet #RewriteTheRules, the brainchild of Geben Communication, and a crowdsourced website that collects paid leave policies from companies — big and small.

Their goal, which is also outlined in the this HuffPost article, is to

"compile paid leave verbiage and make it readily accessible to anyone who wants to create or update their policies."

#RewriteTheRules is literally trying to rewrite the rules on paid leave policies. And they are asking businesses to help by sharing their policies by simply submitting them online through this form.

Now let's backtrack a moment and talk about our part in this awesome effort. When Geben reached out to cheers they already had a visual look planned thanks to treetree in Columbus. Our role was to take the concept from flat pdf mockups to a living website that lets people submit, review, and share paid leave policies.

At cheers it is important to us that every website is designed to create beautiful solutions for visitors as well as the the business who runs it. 

On this meant coding custom Javascript for the filtering process of all policies. Our solution makes it intuitive for visitors to sort through many policies and instantly see those that align with their own business specifics. On the backend, we also implemented a series of task automations that notifies website administrators when new policies are submitted and streamlines the action of officially adding them to the #RewriteTheRules database.And from the sounds of it, we did a pretty good job.

"Loved working with Cheers! They helped us turn around a project with a tight deadline and were a pleasure to work with. Blake happily answered elementary questions and made sure everything was understood before handing over the wheel. The communication throughout the process was seamless and the site is exactly what we wanted."

-Jenna Saponaro / Business Strategy Manager at Geben Communication

Just like #RewriteTheRules says, "Entrepreneurs and small businesses are driving forces for innovation.

We should also be at the forefront of innovating workplace policies to accommodate the needs of today’s workforce. Research connects progressive paid leave policies to employee retention, improved morale and job satisfaction. Paid leave isn’t just the right thing to do. It’s also a smart business decision."

We are very proud to be a part of this effort and to add our skills to the band of people trying to improve the lives of others.