Design & Tech

By having both a designer and developer immersed in every part of a project, cheers has the unique ability to understand a strategic brand approach and implement it through production and consulting.


Creative Direction
Logo / Identity
Promotional Design
Brand Photography
Lookbook / Editorial Layout
Email Design


Content Management Systems
Front-End Development
System Architecture Design
Back-End Development
API Integrations


At cheers, we always aim to create refined and purposeful work. With a structured framework in place from the beginning, we are able to channel our expertise and work strategically toward achieving what's best for our clients and their consumers.

Phase 1 /


After you’ve filled out our brief Project Inquiry Form, we will start by scheduling a time to chat (either in person, on the phone or through video) about your business, what you hope to achieve through working with cheers, and get a broad view of what solutions are being considered. From this we will be able to decide if cheers is a good fit for the project and begin to dive deeper.

Phase 2 /


This is one of the most important parts of the process because the insights we gather in this section will act as a guiding light for the rest of the project. We perform an evaluation with every client to investigate questions about business goals, customer demographic, and visual direction. Throughout the rest of the project we will routinely refer back to these insights to keep us all in sync.

Phase 3 /

Statement of Work

Once we’ve gathered the necessary information, cheers will provide you with a project proposal based on our informational conversations together. When you have chosen the components that you would like to receive, we compile each part into a Statement of Work outlining the project scope. This SOW also includes the project budget, the timeline for checkpoints, and deadlines for providing information/assets to ensure the project runs smoothly. For all projects we generally request an initial deposit along with the signed Statement of Work in order to officially begin the project.

Phase 4 /

Concept & Craft

At this point we have completed most of our research and will start crafting your project deliverables! Our mission is to create an ownable brand experience. We will have scheduled checkpoints and time for feedback based on the approved timeline. These checkpoints are opportunities to present our progress to you and make sure we are all aligned.

Phase 5 /


When we are finished with your project (whether it is branding, print, digital or a combination) we pass along all the files/assets you need for future use. For branding this includes all the agreed upon logo files, color swatches, font choices and licenses, and photography used. And for websites this means transferring any website account ownership to you directly, helping point domains to the correct location, and supplying any necessary user guides so you can maintain your digital experience for the future.

Phase 6 /

Final Payment

The remaining invoice is sent upon completion of the project when cheers delivers final design and/or technology. We also provide a W9 for your personal tax purposes, since taxes are fun!

Phase 7 /

Ongoing Projects

At cheers, we know innovation is key for each of our clients. During our time together we have probably discussed multiple ideas and solutions outside the current project scope that would continue to add more value to your brand. We look forward to working with clients to create ongoing solutions and partnerships.

Now that the prep work is done,
ready for phase one?