Squarespace Font Optimizer

Improve your website's performance in seconds

Have a website that could use a little performance boost? You could be currently loading unnecessary fonts on Squarespace without even know it! We would recommend you run a free Pingdom Speed Test prior to running through our tool to get a better grasp of your site's performance increase both before and after.

Step 1 /

Download Style Pack

Log into your Squarespace account and view your dashboard. Navigate to the Style Editor panel located under the Design menu.

Scroll to the bottom and click Export Style Pack to download a copy of your current website's tweaks and style settings. Make sure you keep this as a backup in case you accidentally replace a font you did not intend to!

Step 2 /


Click the button below to upload the Style Pack you just downloaded from your Squarespace site. We will process the file and allow you to map one existing font to another font currently in the file.

Step 3 /

Replace Fonts

Ok, here is where the magic takes place!

  • Click the Current Fonts dropdown and look at all the fonts that are running on your site. If you don't recognize a font, select it
  • Then find your brand's default or headline font under the Replace Font With dropdown
  • Finally, click the Replace Fonts button

Keep repeating this process until the only fonts showing in your Current Fonts dropdown are your brand fonts. This will help you consolidate the number of fonts being loaded on the website and speed up its performance.

Replace Fonts

Step 4 /

Download Results & Import

Once you've replaced all your fonts, click this download button below to get your new super swift Style Pack.

Download Optimized Style Pack JSON

Finally, return to your Style Editor and click the Import Style Pack button to upload the JSON file you just downloaded above. You should now notice that when you browse a font on the Style Editor, only the fonts you applied are now listed at the top under Fonts On Site. Don't forget to hit save to make the changes take effect permanently!

Step 5 /

Compare Performance

Time to run another free Pingdom Speed Test to compare the improvements! If you don't see a change, check the previous steps to ensure you performed them correctly.

Having any issues or want to share your success with us? Reach out to cheers studios at chat@cheers-studios.com. We are always welcome to answer any website or branding questions you may have! cheers